About Me

Hello!  My name is Kelly Bristow and I’m a registered dietitian in the state of Missouri.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Southeast Missouri State University and completed my Dietetic Internship at Saint Louis University.  I currently work as a nutrition educator in a large school district in the metropolitan St. Louis area.

As a dietitian, I constantly get asked questions about food, diets, tips, and so much more.

“What do you think about diet soda?”

How many calories are too many?”

“How do I cut out fat from my diet?”

A lot of times people are shocked by my answers.  “Really, I can still have ice cream?  You can eat like this on a budget?”  I sometimes take these questions for granted and feel they are common knowledge, but I’ve realized not everyone has a background in nutrition like I do. Everyday we are bombarded with the newest fad diet or reduced-fat product that the media makes us think we MUST do to stay fit and healthy. I want to provide people with quality information that is easy to understand and concise.  In my search for reputable information I often come up short.  It seems like a lot of the information on the internet is either misleading or far too extreme and unrealistic.  You don’t have to ditch your favorite dessert or skip those carbs you love in order to eat healthy.

Do you like to go out and have a few drinks on the weekends?  Me too!  Do you sometimes eat a few “cheat” meals?  We all do.  The point of this blog is to make Simple Substitutions to your everyday life that will improve your overall health.  I’ll give you tips and show you ways you can substitute some simple ingredients that can drastically change the amount of nutrition in your food.

This doesn’t have to be difficult.  So join me as I share my Simple Substitutions for a healthier lifestyle!


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